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Life on the road

We can all agree that camping is not luxurious. If you are a happy camper though you know very well that it offers the kind of profound, luxurious experience, that money can’t buy; like sleeping under the stars or choosing a different view from your ‘home’ every single day and be able to enjoy it by yourself if you choose to. I didn’t use to be a happy camper but this was about to change while road tripping a very special place; the South Island of New Zealand. So, let me start our story by telling you what my favourite thing about life on the road.

During the two weeks driving literally around the South Island, we admired whales showing off their fluke splash, whole families of seals playing amongst the crags and penguins coming back to land after a day hunting. And to top it all off, we wandered through the rainforest, discover km by km the rugged coastline, sipped sophisticated wine, ate the freshest crayfish by the roaring Pacific Ocean… and the list goes on.

My favourite memories? Savouring an imposing sunset on the beach with a local beer (apart from exquisite wine, NZ produces the hop-y drink with ‘meraki‘) and a burger in hand only to wake up the next day, open the doors of our tiny camper van to discover last night’s surroundings transformed by the young light of a new day.

I love my comforts but waking up every day with a different view, for me is the most treasured indulgence camping can offer; the spontaneity of taking a turn where you’re not supposed to, revealing the most idyllic spot to camp and the exclusivity that comes with it.

We could probably find these spots again with a bit of luck. But the point of the story is that we took a risk and the road less travelled; without a plan and a sprinkle of adventurous spirit. We saw the sun rising from the sea, with its colours reflecting on the mountains, painting the ancient glaciers with vivid golden shades; witnessed the sun yawning over the magnificent mountains with the hope of a glorious day that’s about to start. And this is the beauty of life on the road.