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One of the things I love about Auckland (apart from the fact that the air smells like flowers and freshly mowed grass) is the food and coffee culture. In every corner in Ponsonby, Kingsland and now Sandringham there is a new restaurant, a café, food market, a pop-up, a food truck and so on. Look a little closer and you’ll find a hidden gem tucked away in a little alley. So when we decided to move to the other side of the world I was pretty excited to start my culinary exploration. Breakfast in Auckland was first on the list!

But when you move to a city with so many options how do you distinguish the exceptional from the good, the good from the bad (there will be some of those too, unfortunately). Where do you even start? Here’s where the power of social media weighs in.

K always hassles me about my social media use and abuse… What he doesn’t understand is that social media is also a good way to keep on top of things. I primarily use it as my research tool and news feed. There’s been a lot of talk lately around the subject but I feel that as long as we consider the digital social sphere as a means to connect and explore new places and experiences there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. Plus I wouldn’t have discovered today’s great breakfast spot.

After a week of severe jet lag, we finally feel human. And what better way to celebrate than breakfast in Auckland. I spotted Mondays on Instagram through a waffle photo that made me dribble and as we live just around the corner from Kingsland I couldn’t wait to visit.

Mondays is a little oasis tuck down a laneway on New North Road. With a combination of natural materials against industrial features, lush ivy clinging on the walls and ethnic prints scattered around, it immediately gives you the impression that you have escaped the city for a faraway tropical destination.

The restaurant is vegetarian so if you are a dogmatic meat lover this is probably not for you. I will warn you though that the smoothies are heavenly healthy and they can easily become an addiction. We tried the banana chocolate fudge smoothie with homemade nut milk and shared the eggs bennie with a glorious, plant-based hollandaise. I was expecting some fire from the jalapeno cornbread but it wasn’t there. I found the cumin addition inspired though and the smoothie was so rich and flavoursome I couldn’t get enough of it.

Detail is everything at Mondays so don’t miss the water infused with beech bark and rosemary. Such a pleasant surprise and so visually enticing. I’ll be adding this to my next dinner party. Oh and they have a yoga studio too!

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