The Jean Paul Gaultier Virgin Collection

So this week we are discussing religion, fashion and food… combined! I know, it doesn’t make much sense but I’ll get there. I promise.

If you are looking for this week’s big news in fashion, this is it, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, an exhibition in Rotterdam about the avant-garde designer (it’s coming to London next year!). Reading through one of my favourite websites, Yatzer, I had the chance to refresh my memory and expand my knowledge on Jean Paul Gaultier, but what really caught my eye and provoked my thought was a photo from the Jean Paul Gaultier Virgin Collection in 2007. It is just stunning, what can I say! First of all it is feminine and imposing at the same time thanks to the bold colours and accessories standing out. But again there is something else that doesn’t let me take my eyes off it! I couldn’t help but think about the strong religious references. Can you blame me?

Jean Paul Gaultier 2007 Couture Collection
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So I started thinking what is it about fashion and religion? The cases of religious influences on fashion and lifestyle seem to be endless! From Madonna’s Like a Prayer cult video, to Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection, to Givenchy’s Spring 2013 ad and finally David Bowie’s latest quite provocative video clip The Next Day, starring Marion Cotillard.


Givenchy Spring 2013 Campaign
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Are people still so religious and is religion used as a marketing tool to touch people’s sentiments or is it just a mockery, a way to rebel against old fashioned values? One thing is sure. In all these cases religion is working as a phycological instrument used to trigger specific reactions, whether they are positive or negative.

Marion Cotillard in The Next Day
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And what could be more appropriate to make while I am doing my research and having these thoughts than a Virgin Mary! See the connection now? And while looking for Virgin Mary recipes -I admit I never made one before- I came across Saxon & Parole a bar in New York that became famous for its DIY Virgin Mary Sunday Brunches…. Something like the Sunday service but a bit later in the day…and with drinks (virgin or not). Who would know that tomato juice could become a whole meal! Use the basic recipe as a canvas and add whatever ingredient you fancy. I used celery, cucumber, mint and… bacon! Saxon & Parole is offering a selection of 40 ingredients! But I won’t give you a recipe this time. Just be creative! Establish the Virgin Mary Sunday brunch at home and your friends will worship you for ever as the coolest person they know!