Sunday at Feast

What is not to like about food festivals? Lots of different flavours gathered in one place, nice people with whom you share the same interests, nice drinks…. The only thing that is torturing me every time is the abundance of choice that makes it difficult to decide what to eat! Well since I am not buying a house, a bit of everything I suppose…. This is why you always go with many friends at these festivals. So that you steal a bite from everyone!

Which brings me to the last one I’ve been, The Feast. There was a culinary hub set up last weekend just off Brick Lane and I was waiting for it aaaaall week! Because the Feast is not just a foodie event… it’s a feast for the senses. With live performances and art installations no one can get bored! The last one,held in a former tobacco warehouse raised seriously the expectations. Although, I knew about all the major names that were going to be there, when we arrived it was even better than I expected… Brick Lane Yard was transformed into a huge stable full of stacks of hay. You know, like those we see in the movies about the wild West… Walking around the stalls -acting like a child in a toy shop-I was mumbling every 2 seconds “aaw it’s Patty and Bun… and the Caravan and the Pig and Butcher!” which is just around the corner of my place and makes me very happy every so often…. Hix was there too, the Rum Kitchen and the list went on which means it took me some thirty minutes to make a decision. We were rewarded at the end by the mouthwatering burger of Patty and a crunchy fresh salad from Detox Kitchen.

 I have photos from every single stall, but I thought that a video would capture the atmosphere much better… Plus I wanted to try my upgraded instagram and the video feature..! So here it is! My first attempt…

 The Feast at Brick Lane Yard