Hot dogs and other stories…

This week we are going to the beach and eating hot dogs and crunchy chips while watching skateboard documentaries….

If I told you that I went to the beach without leaving London, would you turn green of jealousy? Or just think that the unexpected sunshine gave me hallucinations?

Well I am definitely not hallucinating and you shouldn’t be jealous because you can go too anytime… Just take the tube to Old Street! Yes, it’s not the sunshine I said Old Street! Take City Road heading south and look for the Beach in the East, the luxury pop up store by Yasmin Sewel, literally located in a swimming pool! Only please, don’t take your bikini with you! The swimming pool is empty and it will be a bit embarassing…

Having just seen the Dogtown and Z-boys documentary it was impossible not to see the inspiration behind it and I wasn’t surprised to confirm that the idea for the installation was based on the 70s Californian skateboarding culture. You know… Cool shirtless teenagers riding skateboards in pools, living life at the edge, showing some attitude and earning a heck of a lot of money just to do what they love!

Down On The Corner, Danny Kwock by Hugh Holland, 1975

The mood is set up in detail to caption the free spirit of the notorious Z-boys. Yasmin Sewell, the London-based Fashion Consultant, has chosen the most promising and talented designers of our generation, like House of Holland and Acne, and hand-picked its item hosted in the store with special edition products to encapsulate the skateboarder feel. You will even find bandana beanies made by Silver Spoon and the emotions inspired sunglasses by Tomas Tait, which will hopefully feature in my collection one day soon!

If you can visit the pool and feel that Californian vibe of restlessness would be great (123 Clifton Str EC2A 4LD). You won’t catch a wave nor see Tony Alva riding his skate but it will definitely add something to your (cloudy) day! You’ll be welcomed with Fiji water, juice and a bright smile. They all go with the Californian lifestyle I suppose. However, you can choose the online experience on where you can browse and shop all the special edition items.

I don’t know if it was the sun, the beach and generally the summer mood or just the fact that  I hadn’t eaten all day, but walking back home it was just impossible to fight that craving for street food. California… Dogtown… Street culture… I needed a hot dog desperately! And crunchy chips!

Now you can go old school and make them with frankfurters (which is oh so good) or upgrade them like I did. Just replace the frankfurters with a more sophisticated type of sausage, pick a relish (I caramelised onions) and some good gherkins. The contrast between sweet and tangy will blow your culinary mind!

Your shopping list:

For the hot dog

Venison sausages

Bread rolls

1 big onion sliced

Gherkins sliced

Brown sugar

Olive oil

Ketchup and mustard

Grill the sausages and warm up the bread. Add a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan and toss the onion with the brown sugar. The onions will be ready when they turn brown (not the burnt type) and soft. Assemble the hot dogs.

For the chips


Olive oil

If you want the chips really crunchy you have to boil them first. Every other way I tried was a flop! Cut them into 1cm sticks boil them for 5-10 minutes. Let them dry and cool completely and deep fry them.

And don’t forget to serve them on a skateboard! Presentation is everything!