French baguette sandwich

As I promised this is a week dedicated to french cuisine. And what do Parisians do on a sunny day on their lunch break? They grab a freshly baked baguette some cheese and/or charcuterie and sit in the park! And how can you blame them when there is a bakery in every corner, whereas in London you have to travel across the city just to find some proper tasty bread….

Anyway, this is my plan for lunches during our Parisian weekend! For now I am lucky enough to work next to Whitecross market. I left the office on Monday afternoon and headed to the market for my precious baguette, planning next day’s lunch. 

 I was thinking about it over and over again to create a combination, tasty, french and out of the ordinary- at least my ordinary. I wanted some kind of cheese, something tangy and something sweet for the contrast. This is one of my favourite combinations and I was recently introduced to beetroots cooked in malt vinegar, which could be my tangy option. And I love caramelised leeks, which could be the sweet one. Now all I needed was a creamy cheese and what could be better than brie?

I can assure you, the creaminess of the cheese combined with the tangy and sweet flavours was simply perfect!

So, here is your shopping list:

1 freshly baked baguette (pls don’t buy it from the supermarket…)

Beetroots cooked in vinegar sliced

3 leeks


2 tsp brown sugar

1 tsp butter

Salt and Pepper

Start by caramelising the leeks. Add the butter in the pan to melt and then add the leeks with the brown sugar on low heat and stir. When they turn transparent and brown (but not burnt) they will be ready. Add some salt and pepper at the end. Cut the baguette lengthwise and fill it with the caramelised leeks, the brie and the beetroots in this order.

Take your lunch at the park and the enjoy the sun! It will taste even better!