Finger Food Lunch Ideas

So this week I put all my efforts on some finger food lunch ideas to please friends(and boyfriend of course!). Want to know why?

No doubt this was The Great Gatsby week! Have you seen it? I haven’t- yet! But to be honest I have seen the original one and with all this buzz around the film I feel like there is no surprise anymore… However, I couldn’t allow myself to be left out of the limelight and how can I not be interested since Miuccia Prada designed all the costumes!

So, I thought the Roaring 20s fashion and lifestyle are legendary, but what about the food? No one is really mentioning it and it was very interesting to discover the food culture and the changes taking place during that period. If the time machine really existed, I would transfer myself there and close the time gate for ever! Straight to the time of luxury, pleasure, and exotic tastes.

History says, after years of austerity things were starting to look up, which allowed an overflow of new food ingredients, exotic influences because of the colonies and healthier habits because of the growing agriculture and the easier  and quicker transport of the produce in the cities.

There was a lavishness and luxury generally during the decade most known about parties and prohibition-which didn’t really affect anyone! The foods mentioned in The Great Gatsby are usually spiced, seasoned, or decorated. “On buffet tables, garnished with glistening hors d’ oeuvre, spiced baked hams crowded against salads of harlequin designs and pastry pigs and turkeys bewitched to a dark gold” (Fitzgerald 40). And because of all these parties going on, finger food was the most popular. Pigs in blanket, devilled eggs, salmon mousse, oysters (of course) and the list goes on and on and on… only to through everything away after a night of wild partying!

No wonder women were spending 40 hours per week in the kitchen-cooking and cleaning! Ok, I love cooking… but this is a full time job!

So finger food, exotic influences, luxurious and expensive ingredients… Great elements to spoil my friends on a Saturday lunch session! But I had to do it our way, the modern way. A bit of salmon, prosciutto and prawns for luxury, some spices and harissa to cover the exotic element and Gatsby spirit was present, almost… Well, something tells me that finger food is making a big come back!

I could give you the recipes but believe me it’s easy and you can figure it out and most of all it’s fun to improvise.. not to mention you’ll feel so proud that you came up with all these delicious bites! I just visually give you some finger food lunch ideas, the rest is up to your imagination!

As for the drinks I stuck to some Prosecco and just added some orange skin. Made everyone happy in a couple of hours!