Festive French Toast

After a whole day of hiking at Box Hill, which by the way was an amazing experience, all I could think of was a relaxing bath and the breakfast I would cook the next morning… Breakfast as you probably already know is my favourite meal of the day and there is nothing better than a nutritious meal after a full on day!

My pick? A festive take on the beloved French toast. And by festive, I mean boozy! You don’t need to get drunk… Just add a few tablespoons of brandy cream in the eggs and it will do the trick! Keir chooses bacon and maple syrup to go with them, I choose vanilla yogurt and honey as a lighter option and he is usually jealous of my version.

I won’t tire you with further blabber. I will just give you the recipe and I am sure you will make everyone happy on a Sunday morning!


Your Shopping List:

Bread (I prefer thick slices)

eggs (1 for each slice of bread)

milk (1 tbsp for each egg)

2 tbsp brandy cream ( I used this portion for 3 slices of bread)

Greek yogurt

vanilla sugar


Beat the eggs with the milk and the brandy cream. Tip in the mixture the bread (one slice at a time). Allow 2 minutes on each side. The bread needs to absorb the mixture.

Place a large pan on the stove with some olive oil (just enough to cover it) and heat. Place the bread in the pan and fry for about 4 minutes on each side or until it turns golden brown. In the meantime mix the yogurt with the vanilla sugar.

Serve warm with the yogurt on the side and honey on top.