Courgette + Lasagna = Lasagnette!

I can’t remember meeting many people in my life so far that don’t like pasta… If you ask me I could have a different version every day! However, my hips seem to develop some kind of allergy to it! My stomach loves pasta, my hips hate carbs… Story of my life!

So the other day I was craving lasagna but the voice inside my head reminded me that I have a new dress waiting to be worn next week. Meaning pasta is a NO NO! And then light bulb flashed above my head. Why not replace the pasta with slices of courgette? I could at least try. I had to try! I used a bit of bacon to trick my man, because food for him equals meat, but it was just a tiny portion which you can avoid. I decided on a green option – leeks and spinach – , but I am pretty sure it would be just as good with other veggies. I made bechamel sauce for the top but next time I will replace it with a yogurt sauce for a lighter option. It was absolutely delicious and Keir loved it. OK it wasn’t pasta but it didn’t really bother me and thinking it was lasagna tricked the mind and did the job! Definitely recommended!

Your shopping list:


1kg leeks

1 kg spinach

3 big courgettes

4 rashers of bacon (optional)

200 gr cream cheese (I used ricotta)

a glass of white wine

50 gr butter

4 tbsp flour

400 ml milk

Chop the bacon and coarsely chop the leeks (only the white part). Wash and clean the spinach. Lightly cook the bacon in a big pot about 3 min. and then add the the leeks and the spinach turn down the heat and cover with the lid stirring every so often. When the leeks and spinach loose all their water pour in the wine and wait to evaporate. Add the cream cheese salt and pepper and stir till fully melted and incorporated. Let it cook for another 2 – 3 min and set aside.

Slice the courgettes lengthwise (approx. 5mm thick) season and grill for 5 min until they are a bit tender but not fully cooked. Oil a deep tray make one layer with the courgettes add half of the spinach – leek mixture and make another layer of courgettes. Add the remaining leeks and spinach and another layer of courgettes.

In a small pot melt the butter in low temperature, add the flour and stir till well incorporated. Pour the milk gradually and mix really well till it thickens (it will take some time). Add salt and pepper and pour on top of the “lasagna”. Bake for 1/2 an hour at 180  and enjoy!

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