Coconut blackberry jelly

So September is here and along comes melancholy and moodiness… Mmmm… Not! I told you before how exciting I find the beginning of a new season, looking through fall’s collections, planning my shopping strategy etc. Let’s all look at the bright side then! Summer is officially gone -and we should be thankful for the unexpectedly good summer we had. Hello autumn! Well not for all of us… My summer is starting tomorrow in Greece. I must admit I am facing a bit of a confusing situation right now! I am looking at winter clothes, falling in love bit by bit and at the same time I am researching the blogosphere for summer inspiration! I feel like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of fashion… Sort of!

 Enough with my rambling though. What I really wanted to talk about is the monochrome trend that will feature everywhere this year I suppose! When I am talking about monochrome being a fall trend however, I realise it’s not something groundbreaking. It’s mostly one of these trends that last through the years, sometimes stronger and sometimes staying quietly staying in the side ready to save us through a date, an appointment or just a night out with the girls…. As Coco Chanel used to say “women  think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”

Just a quick look at the catwalks and the streets is enough to realise that Coco as always was so right! 



















The recipes to visualise the trend? Endless! Savoury and sweet, you name it. It’s so versatile that I couldn’t decide what to do in the end! I even thought about making more than one dishes but that would defeat the purpose of these kind of posts. Since I am quite obsessed lately with coconut milk (I replace normal milk in almost every recipe) and it’s blackberries season I went for a refreshing and quite healthy coconut blackberry jelly, that would be perfect for a stylish dinner with friends.

ifthechouxfits3[gmc_recipe 864]